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Woman gave birth to 17 children at once.

Claim: A woman named Catherine Bridge broke a world record by giving birth to 17 babies, all of whom are boys. This American Woman gave birth to 17 children at once.

A photo on the Facebook page Moalboal Cebu Philippines shows a pregnant woman gave birth to 17 children. A separate photo shows a man sitting on a couch surrounded by babies.

Woman gave birth to 17 children

The text above both images says: “Catherine Bridge has held the world record by giving birth to 17 babies. All of them are boys!”

In did it is really a miracle from God for this to happen, surely the miracle shall extend by giving her the energy and strength she needs to cater properly for all 17 children.

In the last days of her pregnancy, Catherine bridge was unable to walk, she could barely sit or stand on her own, But thank her loving husband was always there for her until the day of birth when her husband took her to the hospital after noticing she is in Labor.

She finally put to birth 17 children, all male, and both mother and children are doing just ok.

It is a certaintity that they need and external helping hand to help give the adequate care the children need. Some NGOs are already making their ways to help out with the situation.

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