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8 Little Things About Women That Men Should Never Neglect

Some things about women might seem little, but in reality they mean a lot to women. Whenever men do these little things that they feel won’t matter so much, it hurts a woman even if she might not react or even say anything.

It’s important every man understands the little things about women that aren’t really little to women, because in the long run, it’s those little things that make a relationship turn sour.

Below are 8 little things about women that aren’t so little in the eyes of a woman:

things about women

8 little things about women that hurt them


Emotional manipulation can have a serious impact on a relationship and even on an individual’s life. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be “undercover” and hard to recognize, but still, have negative effects on one partner if the other one is manipulating them. Psychopaths And Love reports some common signs that you are being manipulated in your relationship include your mood being dependent on your relationship’s state, being unhappy most of the time, feeling as if your relationship is extremely complex, and never being sure of where you and your partner are really standing at in your relationship at any given moment.


Women have an attachment to their birthday that even science cannot explain; it might be just a day, but to her it’s a special day. Merely forgetting her birthday can cause a tumult greater than World War II. If you value your relationship with her, never ever forget her birthday, she might never forgive you.


A lot of men are in the habit of messing things up, leaving the house dirty and are even reluctant to clean things up. It might look little to the man and she would definitely clean up, but she surely wouldn’t be happy about it. No woman loves it when her man messes things up — even if she doesn’t say a word, she’s surely raging deep within.


Your ex is always seen as a threat to a woman; keeping in touch with her would definitely make her feel threatened, uncomfortable and suspicious — and these three things put together can bring the devil out of a woman.


If you hate her cooking, well, keep it to yourself. Every woman loves it when her food is appreciated and not the other way round. If you criticise her cooking, you might be honest in your assessment, but this is definitely the kind of honesty that women hate.


No woman likes this; being with your lady and staring at another is probably the worst thing you could do to her. It might seem so little to you, but to her it’s disrespectful and insulting. So you need to have this at the back of your mind when next you stare at another woman.


This is also important. Every woman loves to be heard, every woman loves to be listened to — and she expects this from her man. This might seem so little, but to a woman it’s everything.

Never take anything for granted, especially with the woman in your life — the things men deem as little are actually what means a lot to women.



Setting boundaries and respecting each other’s boundaries are an important part of a healthy relationship. Without setting boundaries, partners will constantly overstep on each other’s “personal space” and this may cause the relationship to spiral out of control. Each partner in a relationship is responsible for their individual words, attitudes, values, bodies, emotions and preferences. Setting boundaries on what you are comfortable with and uncomfortable with in regards to these factors helps the other partner avoid overstepping boundaries. Apart from this, healthy boundaries can also help to eliminate the need to blame each other and cause each partner to admit when they have overstepped or done wrong.

Setting some basic boundaries, such as making it clear what the two of you can say to each other, determining when you allow each other space, understanding how you each interact on social media networks and making sure you know what you share with each other. All of these boundaries can help to improve the health of your relationship and even bring you close to each other in the end.


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