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Russian President Vladimir Putin: Africa Is just a Cemetery for Africans

Africa is just a cemetery for Africans. How could a cemetery be developed?” Asked Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian president describes Africa as a cemetery saying “Africa is just a cemetery for Africans” where rich Africans won’t live there, but the corpse will only be brought for burials. Russian President Vladimir Putin Challenges Africa With The Bitter Truth “Africa Is Just A Cemetery For Africans”

Africa over the years has suffered heavy criticism from other parts of the world and even within Africa itself. Most of this criticism is as a result of the low level of development of the continent.

Within the continent itself, the masses attribute the cause of this low level of development to their leaders while the leaders feel that the citizens are not putting in their best for their respective nations and the continent at large.

But who is really suppose to be blamed for this Africa’s misfortune?

The last time it was the president of the United States of America in one of his address described Africa as a land plagued with poverty, mental inferiority, laziness, and emotional incompetence, where the people knows nothing else but getting married to many wives, jealousy and indulging in sexual activities.

This time around it is the turn of the Russian President  Vladimir Putin, who decided to hit the nail on the head and expose a bitter reality.

Just take a serious and depth read of what he got to say;

Russian President Vladimir Putin Challenges Africa With The Bitter Truth Saying “Africa Is Just A Cemetery for Africans”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Challenges Africa With The Bitter Truth "Africa Is Just A Cemetery"
Russian President Vladimir Putin Challenges Africa With The Bitter Truth “Africa Is Just A Cemetery”

“When an African becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to France for Medical treatment.

He invests in Germany. He buys from Dubai. He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome or Mecca. His children study in Europe. He travels to Canada, the USA, Europe for tourism.

If he dies, he will be buried in his native country of Africa.

Africa is just a cemetery for Africans. How could a cemetery be developed?”
~Putin Asks!

But is Africa Really Just A cemetery? “I leave That For Every African To Answer”

Russian President Vladimir Putin hits Africa Again!

“Africa will never be independent, Africans believe in Europeans, Americans, and Chinese more than themselves. They don’t trust themselves at all, African technocrats/Engineers aren’t given the platform to practice what they studied instead they hire Chinese to construct roads for themselves.

A white man will commit a crime in Africa but no action will be taken because the African authorities view us as Demigods, far from the truth. A black man can be abducted in Europe get harassed and even be killed but no African authority can even question. Africans present themselves as weak people with no hope, especially when dealing with Europeans and Americans.

They are their own enemies. They hate each other and this gives their colonial masters the opportunity to continue exploring their resources. As far as I know, Africa is more of God’s chosen continent, its a blessed continent and its time for Africans to Realise they are in a place where Americans, Europeans and Chinese are jealous of and wish it should be them there…You can’t compare African weather with any other weather…African soil can feed the whole of Europe, America, and Asia but their problem is just one, “THEIR LEADERS”. As far as I am concern their best president ever was Gaddafi”.

To me, it is left to the Africans to forget the emotion and try to understand the challenges attracting all these insults (though it not actually an insult but a reality). Keep shame and unnecessary pride aside, analyze the situation and think of what to do.

Please do share these articles to others; not to make fun, mockery or entertainment, but to create further awareness within our society. Let the end-time of God not meet us in this state of inferiority and less significance on our own God-given continent.

I am an African, I love Africa, But I Wish Africa Should Change.


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  4. Moses

    These fools, must remember that two forces or more can can not rule at the same time. Now is the time for the Caucasians race, in actual fact their is over, mother nature gave them only 6000 years. That’s why they are so confused,they know the Gods, the Africans are arising. You better Honour your perants so that your days can be extended you criminals . Because you are dying folks , in actual fact you’re dead.

  5. Elijah

    I will always pray for Africa because I know a day will come when God will give us a right and God Fearing leader. May God Bless Africa

  6. Falaki Samuel

    The Russian leader is very correct and frank Our problem in Africa is leadership, selfishness, corruption. A good leader will soon emerge this is my hope

  7. Eze Nwaname Emmanuel

    To be sincere this is a bitter truth and I have been thinking about this for years now identifying the cause of our struggle in Africa when we have everything the world needs to survive and yet we ourselves don’t survive from it, it is quite unfortunate that the terrorists of Africa have no basis for their terror instead they terrorize the same ones suffering and gnashing teeths with them, there terror is a waste because its channelled towards the wrong people instead of its leadership, making them fear the people they lead but reverse is the case in Africa,
    They (terrorists) gets money from the rich, instead of channeling it to the purpose of their suffering, they waste it on other irrelevant things, Africa needs a revolution and the revolution is first to wipe out the Elites of each African countries who actually made provisions for only himself and others who share the same views with them.

    Sorry to say this, we are educated illiterates who have forgotten the basis of human existence and needs a strict orientation to put things back in line, we all need to start working on the mentality of the African child. This is another wake up call to we Africans.

  8. Samuel Piue Lasir

    I believed the President of Russia indeed love Africa and believes in Africa. He believed Africa that is why he is speaking the bitter truth for we new generation of this Africa continent to save the World.

  9. moleen

    the question is how did Africa get there in the first place … if you are poor you become desperate.. it doesnt matter how many minerals you have, it’s who controls World Economics …The gradient was set by by the West imperialist, and Africa cannot survive without Europian $$$ or influence ….So these leaders have to dance to their tunes …. GADDAFI was not in that loop, and what did they do? they killed him and left his country burning till this day…Egpt was a rising power and has always been a threat to Isrel , and what do they do ? Now they target Venezuela, is it a coincidence they put ruin to countries with resources ? lets we forget more than 400 years of cheap labour, black people building the wealth of the West….the rich can never be rich without the poor , and they made sure Africa get’s the short end of the stick

  10. Pianky

    This present say the truth the problem is that African readers they don’t care about their country they look on themselves.we need to change.

  11. Joash Dismas

    It is really sad because Africa they keep on fighting for leadership, corrupting, shedding blood of their brothers and sisters , because of jealous and selfish without considering their development as result we become the root ground of poverty, unemployment,terriorism, neocolonialism, and others exploitation forms. It clear we as African we need to sit down and think critically and reposition ourself so as we move forward for further development and not blaming ourself from the mistake that has already occur. In addition to that we need to be careful on these multiparty system that it has introduced in Africa because now days it has being use as atool of breaking the unit of Africa through different ideology that it has developed within these political part and is where ignorance of Africa begin and used by exploitors as the weak point of rising different issues in Africa for more exploitation.Also Africa as the continent we need have strong organs that stand for Africa to have one voice like as our fellows developed countries does. These will help has to utilize our resources at maxmum level and not depending from developed countries these will help to eliminate all forms of insults , exploitation and other a want bad language that Africa are being termed by developed countries leaders. Although what they say it is through we need to wake up.

  12. julio cesar pimenta guedes

    I am Brazilian I love Africa although I’ve never been there. I hate its dictactors, bloody and corrupt, but i’ve been reading very good news about chinese and japanese investments there, for example. Brazil tood almost 500 years to become an agriculture and cattle raising power Black people are very beatufiul, have a lot of energy and talent for many things – sports, music, dance, cinema, you will get there! Of course, schools are very important!

  13. Onesmo Matatillo

    I agree and support President Putin 100%. But disagree with Chinese president Xi Jinping categorically. A big misconception v/s historical Christian amongst African people. Ref. my comment on Facebook Sept., 27th.

  14. Bevan n.j

    Indeed change is badly needed we can continue with just issues for years, good presidents came with good aims but due to selfishness they for get there mission

  15. Michael Nunoo

    Those who insult we the Africans are the same people who came to Africa many years ago and took away our property like Gold diamonds old and other things to enrich them selves. You people should stop insulting us

  16. Seth Appiah

    Whatever President Putin is saying about Africa and Africans is very true. I am from Africa and I feel so sad about our ignorance of what The Good Lord has given to Africa
    Rain or Shine Land or Rivers Minerals or oils, there’s nothing we haven’t got in abundance yet we sit down crying for help and if President Putin is so wise and bold enough to put the mirror before us, we think he is abusing us
    Please let us wake up and help ourselves. It is about time.

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