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Pastor Introduces Anointed Pant And Bra With A Print Of His Face To Help Ladies Attract Men For Marriage

When I thought I have heard it all, “Pastor Introduces Anointed Pant And Bra With A Print Of His Face To Help Ladies Attract Men For Marriage.

An Abuja based Pastor Dr. JS Yusuf has introduced anointed underwear with a print of his face to attract men for marriages for the single ladies seeking for life partners in 2020.

The anointed underwear is said to be blessed as instructed by God to the Senior Pastor of Touch for Recovery Outreach Int’l, Abuja to release marriages in the new year.

The underwear are said to also help women from women related diseases and give them good luck with men.

He added that wearing them will make men look at you on the streets and want to marry you

He quoted Number. 23:20 which says “Behold I have received the commandment to bless; and he hath blessed, and I cannot reverse”

Congratulations to any woman who buys this underwear.”

One thing that is setting is the the world is made of the weak and the strong. And just like in the beginning, the strong must rule over the weak, whether in the form of science, magic, witcraft or miracle. That is word is actually happening in the religion world.

This kind of acts does not entirely make religion or christianity in particular to be bad, but just shows that in every domain the must be defaulters.

But how can be so called pastor print his face on pants and bra and sell to women to attract men? That is unheard of and kind of sympathetic. However the weak people with lower intelligent will always refuse to judge and accept anykind of thing brought to them by a person they consider superior, especially when it concerns religion.

All the ssame God knows best.

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