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Get Inspired By These 24 Amazing quotes From Mugabe and Malema

1.Your job as a man is to make sure she doesn’t need another man

2.You will always want positive things to come your way until the day you are waiting for HIV test result.

3.Do short people also start their stories like… “When I was little” or they just say “As I am today

4.By just saying “I love you “, automatically you owe her money.

5.Men are attracted by what they see, that’s why women put on make up. Women are attracted by what they hear, that’s why men lie. Problems start when the truth comes out and the make up is removed.
Am I communicating ??

6.Everyone want to study in UK
Everyone want to work in Dubai
Everyone want to be celebrated in USA
Everyone want medical attention from India
But when they die, they want to be buried in Africa……… Is Africa a cemetery?

7.If you have 400$ and your wife has 600$, the total money in the house is 400$ not 1000$. If you understand this mathematics you will always have peace in your home.

8.Women are like swimming pools never mind about who swam before you , who is swimming with you or who will swim after you. My brother just enjoy your swim

9.Not everyone who checks up on you actually cares, some just want to confirm if their witchcraft worked

10.You will never hear a man with money complaining about women loving money, But these boys with coins..!!!

11.No matter how worthless you think you’re, there’s at least one person in this world who admires you and thinks you’re amazing. Just know someone is out there who longs to meet you, to talk to you, to care about you, to be with you, to know you more…because you mean something to that person.

12.While you’re busy sweating cooking, cleaning and doing wife duties for your boyfriend…He’s just seated there lying in bed texting the love of his life. That`s how unfair life is.

13.”I don’t date a guy without a car” Says a girl with Two pants and One faded Bra.
Agents of Satan

If my wife is cheating on me & you decide to tell me, then you owe me a new wife… I can’t be single because you couldn’t mind your own business.

14. Some girls will sleep with you just because they hate your girlfriend.

15.My sister…why do you put such an expensive hairstyle on the same head that failed mathematics?

16. The number she is refusing to give you is the same number another guy just deleted. Don’t kill yourself, my brother.

17. Your boyfriend, all he gets you is alcohol and you say he means the world to you? No, my sister, he means the bar to you.

18. When you’re beautiful on Facebook but ugly in real life, you should be arrested for misleading the public

19. Poverty makes beautiful girls do stupid things because of money.

20. Nobody sees the stars during the day. But in the night, they are visible. God knows how to hide you till it’s your time to shine. Your invisibility doesn’t mean you are not existing. It only means its not your time yet. Wait patiently, God’s timing is always perfect. There’s a day…called “ONE DAY” it shall be your turn, it is well.

21. Instead of feeding the 5000 people as Jesus did, prophet nowadays are instead being fed by 5000 people

22. When you chase women you lose money, but when you chase money you will never lose beautiful women.
Be careful with your salary.
This is a gentle reminder.
December is the time where girls will be more polite than customer care
Be Wise and Smart My Brothers

23. SOME GIRLS BE LIKE “I want a man who can protect me” But They have already rejected 12 security guards. My sister what do you really want, electric fence?

24. Some ladies will spend so much money on weaves trying to impress a man who is out there cheating on them with a girl who doesn’t even comb her hair.

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

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