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Julius Malema Calls On A United Africa Under One Currency, Leadership, and Language

A United Africa

Speaking in Rwanda, the EFF leader has also endorsed the idea of a judicial body ‘with biting teeth’ that can punish corrupt African leaders in a united Africa.

Julius Malema is known to support the idea of united Africa against the rest of the world. He is passionate about ‘decolonizing’ and forming a united Africa, and he wants that to happen as soon as possible. Malema recently visited Rwanda during the 5th Pan-African Parliament. There he spoke about the importance of a united Africa.

He was interviewed on Monday morning on the sidelines of the gathering about the challenges facing the continent, including corruption and how to support economic growth.

On the former, he expressed his support for a judicial body that would act against corruption in Africa because that would send the message that corruption doesn’t pay.

“We need to ensure we come up with one binding legislature for all African countries to ensure that they comply with anti-corruption programs.”

He added that a judicial body on the continent would hold leaders accountable.

“Many corrupt individuals on the continent go unpunished and, as a result, people think that corruption pays.”

He blamed corruption for being at the core of African underdevelopment.

Although Malema was generally supportive of free trade agreements in Africa, he said it was understandable that countries would be wary of implementing such reforms. He pointed to the fact that some countries might attempt to abuse such freedom to fraudulently market products from outside Africa, particularly from China, as those they had produced themselves.

Despite this, he said, “I see that many are beginning to change heart and sign, seeing that this would be good for the continent.”

He had earlier described the opening address at the event by Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame as “a wonderful speech with more emphasis on free trade and free movement of persons in our continent”.

“I think it’s a very important message because we need to unite the continent and we can only do that if we move freely, if we move goods freely, if we’ve got one currency and, ultimately, we’ve got one continent under one leadership, with institutions that have got biting teeth – particularly on other countries that are engaged in corrupt activities and violation of human rights.”

In August Malema had called for the continent to develop a shared language.

He suggested Swahili would be a good choice. He said the benefit of a widely spoken African language would be part of “decolonising Africa” and kepping a united Africa.

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