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Is Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Reading The Bible Facing UpSide Down?

Malawian controversial prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been caught on the wrong side once again after the image of him reading the bible facing upwards emerged.It is not yet clear whether it was a photo pose gone wrong or the spirit was actually assisting him in reading the bible which is clearly facing upside down direction.

An image showing prophet Shepherd Bushiri reading the bible facing upside down has emerged and some people are making fun out of it,whilst his followers are defending him saying he has spiritual eyes which can help him read the bible facing any direction..

It should be noted that prophet Bushiri has been face with several challenges in the past few months, which includes; the death of three women in his church in December that saw great protest from the South African Population asking him to leave the country. Another one was the allegation on money laundry that saw Bushiri got arrested and him and the wife spent a whole weekend behind bars before being release on bail after two court hearings. The case was only adjoin to a later date where he has to prove his innocent.

It is true that triers and tribulation must come the way of every man of God, but Bushiri has really been caught on the bad sides for the past few months.

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