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Why Africa? Zimbabwe to compensate white farmers whose land were taken by Robert Mugabe

Indeed. These guys are very good at divide and exploit. I was just reading about “who is going to pay Zimbabwe white farmers” whose land was expropriated by the Mugabe regime. The compensation runs into billions of dollars, more money than ever spent on Africans. The new Zimbabwe government is being pressured to pay! Just imagine! No word said about the Africans whose land was stolen in the first place! How can this be? And why are Africans accepting it? The whites exploited Zimbabwe to the bone and took everything to Europe. No compensation for Africans, including those who were tortured and maimed by the notorious Selous Scouts. The Jews have been compensated heavily for the holocaust. Recently there was even compensation from a railway company that was used to transport the Jews to the death camps. No word about compensation to the millions of Africans who were captured into slavery to America. In fact, did you know, slave owners were compensated for “freeing” their African slaves when slavery was abolished! The white owners were compensated and not the victims. How can it be so? Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkhrumah and hundreds of African nationalists were literally killed by Western powers. The CIA ordered Lumumba’s death. No compensation for the Lumumba family. To date millions in the DRC are dying because of the mineral wealth in their country. No compensation for them. In Guinea, an aristocratic family has been created to exploit the country’s oil. Millions of Africans in that country are suffering. No compensation. An African leader recently donated 1 million US $ toward the reconstruction of the Notre Dame in France. No thought about millions of Africans affected by devastating floods in Mozambique and Malawi. Many African countries are held at ransom by the IMF, the West’s biggest siphoning machine for African wealth. Every African country is indebted to the IMF. You never hear the same about Western countries. They milk and siphon and still pass on the buck to the African countries. Donald Trump was not joking when he said he will build a wall between the US and Mexico and Mexico will pay for it! That’s what happens in Africa. We finance Europe’s comfort with our sweat and we are still told that we are lazy good for nothing buffoons who can’t survive on our own without aid from the West. I really wish we could wake from this lethargic slumber that is sinking us into despondency and helplessness.