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Why Evil is Visible in Christian Countries.

Christianity is the believe in one God through His only Son Jesus Christ. Who remains the saviour of all mankind from evil and redeemer of salvation to humanity.


Evil is define as any activity or inactivity that does not satisfy your neighbour. It could be in terms of goodwill or morally. It can also be defined as any activity or inactivity that does not glorify God or does not recognize God as God.

It has been recorded that more bad activities seems to take place in the more Christian countries than the less christian countries around the world. Some people are even concluding that the more churches are bringing more evil to mankind.

Reason For More Evil in Christian Countries.

From my understanding, Jesus use to set out for evangelism, and he use to do so for places he discover there exist sinners in the community. He goes there because there is job for him there. The job which is to redeem the sinners back to salvation.

On the other hand, Satan or the devil does not want good to occur in the world. What the devil derive pleasure is in evil. The devil is happy to see the entire mankind perish, so that hell will not be fore him alone. In order to accomplish this evil mission, the devil constantly go for his own evangelism. His own evangelism is to preach evil doctrine to the hearts of mankind. Causing people to turn from their good ways to evil.

What Should be Understood

Looking at this critically, we can observed that with respect to the devil, it is the good people who are not right. As a result of that, the devil puts in more demonic evangelic power on the christian nations to bring them down. That’s the reason while all kinds of bad things are bound to take place in this christian countries.

It is imperative to understand that, the evil that is existing in this christian countries is not caused by the christian. But it is caused by the devil who does not like good, hence it is an attempt by the devil to make good people become bad.

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