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World Leaders Who Cheated On Their Wives

world leaders who cheated on their wives

World Leaders Who Cheated On Their Wives

Men are generally known of unfaithfulness in relationship, and this aspect did escape even some of the most prominent and reputable world leaders.

Silvio Berlusconi
The former Italian Prime Minister has his fair share of legal troubles, including corruption and bribery charges, but his alleged affair with Noemi Letizia, an 18-year old model in 2009, created media frenzy. Though Letizia was just one of the string of women Berlusconi was involved with, this alliance was followed by a very public divorce filed by his then wife Veronica Lario. She said she could no longer tolerate him “consorting with minors”. Berlusconi, 76, is now in a relationship with 27-year-old Francesca Pascale.

Nelson Mandela
The South African freedom fighter and a global icon was a ladies’ man and allegedly flaunted his female political colleagues to his first wife Evelyn Mase. The breaking point of their marriage came when Mase said she saw a mystery woman who would ‘come home, walk into the bedroom and follow him into the bathroom’. Mase divorced Mandela in 1958, while he went on to famously marry twice more.

Nicolas Sarkozy
Though the former French President never admitted to it, rumours of him and his wife, model Carla Bruni both having affairs outside their marriage surfaced in the media in 2010. While details of Carla’s affair with musician Benjamin Biolay made headlines, Sarkozy’s involvement with his ecology minister Chantal Jouanno was hushed up soon.

John F Kennedy
There are perhaps only a few US Presidents who have not been associated with women outside their marriages. Former US President John F Kennedy was rumoured to be a compulsive womaniser, with his affairs ranging from actress Marilyn Monroe to office assistants. Among his many affairs was one with a 19-year-old intern at the White House, with scandalous details of their ‘encounters’ within the White House and hotel rooms being leaked.

Helmut Schmidt
The late former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, admitted to having an extra-marital affair in the early 60s in his biography What I still want to say. Schmidt wrote that his wife Loki even offered to step aside for his mistress, when she found out about the affair. He, however, declined the offer. Schmidt had publicly professed his love for his wife several times, and they were often branded as the ultimate couple, until the book came out.

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